Build a business that loves you back.

CEO Rising® is a virtual business accelerator where self-funded, service-based founders receive the unparalleled coaching and community they need to build ethical, profitable, sustainable businesses.


on-demand training meets world-class coaching

What you need to grow your existing business.

CEO Rising® isn't a course. It's not a membership. It's not a mastermind. It's a one-of-a-kind virtual business accelerator and community, where self-funded founders of service-based businesses can get the specific tools, on-demand training, coaching and answers to intentionally build ethical, profitable, sustainable businesses. 

Discover your unique brand of CEO.

CEO has unfortunately become synonymous with white, corporate and male. At CEO Rising, we're reclaiming, redefining and reimagining what it means to be a CEO.  Among our virtual walls you'll learn, love and leverage your CEO DNA® because not every CEO wakes up at 5am and hops on a Peloton.

less bells + whistles. more of what works.

Straight-forward with three core deliverables:

  1. serious foundational support delivered through on-demand training that helps you re/build your business from the ground up
  2. group coaching sessions for accountability, support, real-time coaching and questions and answers (yes, we offer Aussie hours!)
  3. off-Facebook community that's rooted in social change, social justice and is intersectionally inclusive

There are additional features planned, and we're hyper-focused on providing the core deliverables via a world-class experience for now.

Award-winning, experienced coaching.

Zero Internet-bro advice. No nonsense. Lovingly honest. Holding space for your growth while meeting you where you are. I'm Lena West, and as an Inclusive Business Strategist, I'm the best in the world at what I do. CEO Rising is the collective culmination of over a decade of giving founders permission to do business their way. For seven years my business was referral-only, now there's a real way to share what I know with more people. Are you in?

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